Autoloc Lambo Door Kit & Accessories

Lamborghini cars look awesome—that's pretty obvious. And like everyone else, you've had that dream of driving or even owning one. Well, unless you were born rich or happen to have a high-paying job, it's going to be tough to get one. So instead of just sitting there trying to pretend that you have one, why not customize your current ride to look like one? If that got you excited but you don't know where to start, begin by getting an Autoloc Lambo Door Kit.

While the Autoloc Lambo Door Kit won't change your car to a Lamborghini, it'll allow you to convert your doors to Lamborghini-like ones. With the help of the components found in the kit, you'll be able to have your doors rotate 180 degrees vertically and open upwards. Not only that, the Lamborghini doors are guaranteed to fit, thanks to Autoloc's advanced design technology. The kit also carries Autoloc's advance shock design technology. With this innovation, you're assured that your newly installed Lamborghini doors will function properly and have a long lifespan. Lastly, Autoloc made sure that its Lamborghini doors can be easily adjusted. So if you want to adjust how wide it opens, you'll be able to do so without encountering problems.

Since the components in this kit will be exposed to various elements, Autoloc had them constructed using hardened steel. This gives them the strength and durability, enabling them to withstand regular use. They're also CAD designed and underwent the CNC/CAM manufacturing process to ensure their quality. But the best part about this kit is the use of Autoloc's New Design program. With this program, the Autoloc Lambo Door Kit is able to get heavy-duty hinges to support large vehicles. Detachable arm and face plates are included as well to help make installation fast and easy. The kit also utilizes the J Arm Design scheme to ensure smooth operation. Finally, it uses a finish welding process, giving the kit's components added toughness.

Even though owning a Lamborghini is a long shot, at least you can have your ride look like one with an Autoloc Lambo Door Kit. Forget about other lambo door kits! With this kit, you'll be able to get quality-looking Lamborghini doors that work and last just like the real thing. Place an order for this kit here at Parts Train and start spicing up that car of yours.