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How many performance upgrades have you given your car so far? Most people get upgrades to help their engine produce more power. But, while this seems to be the growing trend now, you might want to look at a different aspect of the scenario-the aspect that deals with the transport of the said power to the parts in which it is needed, especially to the wheels. No matter how much power your engine produces, what's important is that this power is properly delivered to their respective destinations. And, Auto Com ensures that they are with its high-quality clutches and flywheels.

The two mentioned parts are like bridges. They are the means by which the power generated by the engine is passed on to the wheels through the transmission system. The flywheel is a component that is attached to the engine, while the clutch is connected to the transmission assembly. When these two components are engaged, the power from the engine is smoothly transferred to the wheels, making your car run well. Auto Com knows that the operation of your vehicle greatly depends on the efficiency of the said parts, so it manufactures top-of-the-line replacements to these components.

Auto Com has decades of experience in the manufacture of replacement auto parts. It offers complete clutch kits that come with plates and discs. Most kits are even offered with the other smaller parts and hardware included such as release bearing, bushing, and alignment tool. Its clutch parts guarantee strong clamping power, plus OEM specifications that make them perfect as replacements. Meanwhile, its flywheels are CNC machined to guarantee exact tolerances. They are also precision balanced to ensure great performance, plus they meet SFI specs.

If you want a different kind of upgrade in terms of the performance of your vehicle, you might want to consider the clutch kits and flywheels offered by Auto Com. You can find these in our comprehensive catalog at Parts Train, and getting them is as easy as a few clicks of your computer mouse. So, don't put up with a lousy car performance. Get a car upgrade with any of the parts from Auto Com and enjoy a great ride!