Aries Tube Bumper & Accessories

You could treat the damage as battle scars, but you should think twice about driving on the off-road trails with a damaged bumper on your vehicle. With the Aries Tube Bumper, you'll have nothing to worry about. Made from tubular steel with a 3-inch diameter, this aftermarket bumper is designed to stand up to most obstacles found in off-road trails. To give trucks and SUVs adequate protection, Aries Automotive manufactures front and rear bumpers. Both bumpers can help protect vital body parts from damage in case of collisions.

The Aries Tube Bumper is also available in two different finishes: polished stainless steel and powder-coated black. Either finish can complement your truck's tough looks. A tube bumper in powder-coated black makes any truck look tougher on the road. If you want to look more sophisticated, a polished stainless steel finish would suit your taste. Whichever tube bumper you choose, you can be sure that its resistance to corrosion will keep the finish from fading. Installation should be a breeze since the bumper includes all the mounting hardware needed. For your added convenience, both bumpers are available at our catalogs at Parts Train.