Aries Tow Hook & Accessories

Now, don't mistake an Aries Tow Hook for those cheap, flashy tow hooks that are just all-show and no-haul. Aries Automotive's tow hooks are the real deal. These tow hooks are strong enough to bear the weight of an average trailer. So if they can help anyone cart his trailer around, they can, of course, be used to recover vehicles and help pull logs and tree branches out of the way. These tow hooks can do these because of their tough stainless steel structure that ensures they don't break easily.

Another good thing about an Aries Tow Hook is that it can also serve as a styling cue for a truck or SUV's exterior. This accessory's polished finish can definitely complement a truck's rugged appearance. With this premium tow hook, towing jobs and moving across obstacles on- or off-road is definitely easier. For added convenience, Aries Automotive's tow hooks are easy to install. They come in sets of two and three and are available at Parts Train.