Aries Roof Rack & Accessories

No more carrying bags on your lap or squeezing your arms or legs together to make room for your cargo. With the Aries Roof Rack, you can make sure your vehicle's cabin can reach its maximum passenger capacity. Once mounted on your truck or SUV's roof, the rack is ready to hold your cargo. All you need are a couple of sturdy cables and probably a cargo basket to secure your cargo to the rack. Remember, though, to put the biggest and tallest cargo in the middle of the rack and the smaller ones towards the rack's ends. This balances the load on the roof rack and reduces the chances of cargo falling onto the road.

But whether you balance your cargo well or not, you don't have to worry about an Aries Roof Rack suddenly collapsing in the middle of a trip. That's because Aries Automotive uses only premium aluminum for its roof racks to ensure durability without the excess weight. Plus, its roof racks come in anodized silver and black finishes to fit whatever your ride's style is. This roof rack already comes complete with all the mounting hardware, so if you want to get this roof rack from Aries Automotive, just head on to Parts Train's catalog.