Aries Mirror Cover & Accessories

The Aries Mirror Cover is designed to snap right into the OEM clip holes of a stock mirror-no drilling, no adhesives required. It's crafted from sturdy ABS plastic; thus, it can withstand ultraviolet rays, snow storms, and all other climate brutalities. Aside from that, this topnotch mirror cover is also tough enough to take all the abuse usually encountered on the road such as tire-tossed rocks and even kamikaze bugs. Not only built for brawn, the Aries Mirror Cover also features a stylistic composition that puts all other mirror covers out there to shame. In fact, there are outstanding variants that are noteworthy: a chrome cover or the one that's paintable to match specific color themes of vehicles. Since the installation of this product is easy, there's no need to seek support from an auto mechanic to get the job done. All you need are a few minutes and everything is good to go.

With the Aries Mirror Cover, you can afford to give your car a showroom finish without digging deep into your pocket. The best part is, your mirror is protected from all the things that can damage it. If you're interested to get one, simply browse our selection at Parts Train.