Aries Bumper Grille & Accessories

With an Aries Bumper Grille, your car stays protected from road debris, pebbles, and even mild collisions. This bumper grille is primarily built to protect your stock bumpers from getting hammered. It's crafted from stainless steel, making it your ride's first line of defense against fender benders and parking lot scratches. Plus, it not only shields your bumpers from damage, it also protects your auxiliary lights from being smashed to smithereens. As a bonus, it also improves ventilation under your hood. For a unique style and extra protection against corrosion, this bumper grille comes with a polished finish. More than just mere muscle, it gives your vehicle a serious look, telling everyone that you mean business. This grille also comes with a lock and key, and you can mount it using factory mounting locations on your ride's bumper.

The Aries Bumper Grille is definitely what you need if plain old defensive driving and bumper protectors are no longer working for you. If you're interested in getting this product, you can check out our array of parts right here at Parts Train. We stock a wide selection of Aries products, including this top-of-the-line bumper grille.