Apexi Muffler & Accessories

Apexi has long been producing the auto world with dependable Apexi mufflers. One of the most important components in your vehicle system is the muffler. This device is a part of the exhaust system that works in canceling the noise that is produced inside during the combustion process. Inside the engine, sound pressure wave is produced as a result of the pulses formed at alternating high and low pressure of air. As the exhaust valves open, the high pressure gas will suddenly enter through this therewith producing pulse. Since there is low pressure molecules in the pipe, combining with the molecules found in the gas will stack on each other moving faster as it flows down the pipe.

When the vehicle runs faster, this air pressure runs much faster creating higher level of air pressure as well as volume of sound which is commonly known as noise. So the design of muffler includes a destructive interference in which the wave that is produced by the different molecules is cancelled out. Thus, when they collide they add up to zero. So even if the pressure that enters the exhaust valve is in maximum wave and the second wave that is present in the pipe is in minimum, you will not hear anything when both collide because they will always add up to zero. That's how effective its function is.

Maintaining the condition of the muffler in excellent shape is really important if you want your exhaust system to perform well and so that the noise that is produced inside during the combustion process will be reduced. Definitely trouble with muffler won't create a quality and comfortable ride. And so to prevent this condition, what you must do is to replace the muffler immediately when you already hear an impermissible sound produced. When disregarded, more serious trouble could actually occur. So purchase the best quality Apexi Muffler immediately and stop this annoying noise. For more details, check out Parts Train catalog.