Apexi Cold Air Intake Filter & Accessories

Oxygen is vital in the operation of your vehicle's internal combustion engine. Fortunately, your engine can get oxygen from the abundant amount of the said gas in the atmosphere. However, before the engine can use oxygen from the atmosphere, the oxygen has to pass through your vehicle's air intake system. The air intake system controls the air that enters your vehicle's engine. To ensure your engine's efficiency, the air intake system uses a filter that rids the air of impurities.

One of the most effective air intake systems that use a highly efficient filter is the cold air intake system. The cold air intake system's design allows increased airflow into the engine, in turn maximizing your engine's efficiency. The oxygen used by the engine must be free from unwanted particles to create the perfect fuel/air mixture. For this reason, the filter is a crucial component of the cold air intake system. If the cold air intake system is not equipped with a filter, harmful compounds may get into the internal sections of the engine. This can lead to corrosion of the engine parts. Considering the important role of the cold air intake filter, you must make sure that your cold air intake system is equipped with only the best filter.

When it comes to cold air intake system filters, you cannot go wrong with the Apexi cold air intake filter. Unlike paper-made filters from other brands, the cold air intake filter produced by Apexi uses foam to trap impurities. This minimizes debris build-up in the filter, letting more clean air flow into the engine. Additionally, the Apexi cold air intake filter is reusable. You only need to wash this filter to restore its function. This saves you from the costs and effort of having to replace your cold air intake system's filter too often.

No matter how durable your cold air intake filter is, it is bound to deteriorate and collapse after a long period of use. When this happens, let an Apexi cold air intake filter resume the job of providing your engine with pure oxygen. If you are in need of a new cold air intake filter, go for the Apexi cold air intake filter, which you can easily get at Parts Train. Visit Parts Train for a great deal on cold air intake system parts.