Apexi Cold Air Intake & Accessories

Apexi cold air intake brings down the temperature of the air that goes to your vehicle. This component plays a vital role which is to increase the power of the internal combustion engine as well as to increase the appeal of your car by changing the appearance of your car's engine bay and by creating an excellent intake noise. The Apexi cold air intake functions on the principle of increasing the amount of oxygen available for combustion with fuel. Generally, all cold air intakes provide cooler air from the outside the engine law, this is because cooler air has more density for a given volume.

Oftentimes, the word 'cold air intake' is used to describe other methods of increasing oxygen to an engine that could even increase the temperature of the air coming into an engine. The common strategies used in designing cold air intakes include smoothing the interior of the air intake to reduce air resistance, providing a more direct route to air intake, increasing the diameter of the air intake, allowing increased air flow, tuning the length of the intake to provide the most airflow at certain RPMs, and using more efficient air filter.

Basically you can avail whatever type of cold air intake components you want. This is because there are many aftermarket cold air intakes that come in various colors and sizes. They are so to speak inexpensive way to modify your car's performance. Good thing the Apexi cold air intake is available right here with us. Parts Train actually has a wide selection of Apexi replacement parts so you better check us out. You can discover more with us by just browsing through our extensive and easy-to-use online catalog. Aftermarket cold air intakes are constructed from plastic, metal, rubber or composite materials.