Apexi Coil Overs & Accessories

Coil overs are needed in the automobile suspension. They are consisted of shock absorbers with a coil spring encircling it. Prior to installation, the shock absorber and the spring are pre-assembled as one unit and likewise replaced as a unit when the shock absorber has developed leak. The use of coilovers provides for optimal damaging without torsional loads. There are some coil over designs that can be adjusted for ride height and hardness. Adjustable as they are, coil overs and coil over spring kits are significantly designed to give you the look you desire while keeping the quality ride at the same time. They do allow adjustment anywhere from 0' – 4' depending upon on the application.

By using the threaded sleeve that fits over your stock or aftermarket shocks and dual locking perch mechanism, it is possible that you can make necessary height adjustment. Plus, it also allows lowering of your car without changing springs. The threaded body implying that the outside of the strut or shock tubes are threaded like a bolt. The up and down movement of the threaded spring perch to fine tune the ride height and optimize the looks and handling is therefore allowed. Actually, the coil over is a vital component of the MacPherson strut suspension system. This can be distinguished from other arrangements by employing a particular design of anti-roll bar as a longitudinal constraint. This was the start of the widespread use of the coilover in automobile suspensions.

Note however that the term coil over must not be considered as a synonymous term to MacPherson strut arrangement. One more thing, it should not be confused with struts or shock absorber mounted independently. Apexi coil overs are among the famous brand coil overs in the automotive market these days. Parts Train offers Apexi coil overs and other suspension parts that are ideal for replacement. Grab them all only from here!