Apexi Blow Off Valve & Accessories

Have you ever heard of the blow off valve? The blow off valve like the Apexi blow off valve is sometimes called the hooter valve or the dump valve. It is a kind of pressure release system that is found in a turbocharged engine. This valve works in preventing the compressor surge which reduces the tendency of the engine to get weary. If you are familiar with the compressor bypass valve, you will notice that both work almost similar. This compressor bypass valve that is considered as a vacuum actuated design, releases the pressure in the vehicle's intake system once the throttle is lifted or closed. The air pressure is being re-circulated back to the end of the intake that is not pressurized. Similarly, this blow off valve works in the same manner only that the air is release on the atmosphere. Once this happens, a distinctive sound is created.

The Apexi blow off valve is designed to prevent the condition of a compressor surge. This condition occurs when the throttle is lifted off. If such happens, the high pressure has nowhere to run forcing itself to travel back in to your turbocharger as a pressure wave. This could cause a rapid decrease on the speed of the wheel as well as stalling. So a fluttering air sound is produced and if it continues to occur, the compressor wheel will stop completely. This is terrible especially on the bearings of the turbocharger causing it to wear soon. The movement of the compressor wheel will take a longer spool every time the throttle is used. This condition is known as turbo lag. But since the blow off valve is installed, this condition is prevented. It allows the pressurized air to escape while the turbocharger continues to spin. Hence, the turbo is prevented to experience lag when the power is required.

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