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In the short span of 9 years, Apexi was able to establish itself as one of the best when it comes to aftermarket exhaust systems. They helped reshape the automobile industry with their modern concepts that centers on form and function. They honed their designs through various tests on the race tracks. Much of the focus is on the performance and noise level, not just on the appearance or variety of the components. In order to make its way in the market, all Apexi products must meet the company's strict standards and rigid tests. This is how the Apexi exhaust systems came to get their excellent reputation when it comes to performance and durability.

Everyone loves a powerful engine sound. The Apexi exhaust system and muffler produces the smooth and throaty sound that everyone loves to hear on their cars. The exhaust system consists of stainless steel and mild steel elements that have TIG welded joints for resilience and durability. The new PS Revolution Apexi muffler uses an active valve system that silences the unit when the vehicle is going at a slow speed, but it produces a deafening sound once you step on the gas pedal. It opens and allows the used gasses to exit smoothly.

Those are just for import and domestic vehicles. For race enthusiasts, the Apexi N1 muffler is perfect for you. This racing muffler is designed to withstand the high pressure racing conditions that needs a more durable and sturdy muffler design. It has stainless steel components housed in a canister. All seams are soldered using robotic TIG welding. It is polished to a mirror finish to give your car an attractive look. Some N1 design uses a titanium-coated mild steel material that has high corrosion resistance. It has a flow-through design that minimizes the sound and generates outstanding flow of exhaust gas.

Apexi exhaust parts are great replacements for your stock exhaust system because of their exceptional performance and reasonable pricing. Don't be fooled with all the knock-off products that are being sold in the market. Go to Parts Train for genuine Apexi performance parts. Visit our online shop for more information. If you opt for a personal assistance, feel free to contact our customer service reps through our toll-free numbers.