Anzo Third Brake Light & Accessories

"Stop right now, thank you very much!" Remember that spunky song from the Spice Girls? Don't you sometimes wish you can just yell that out to the car behind you? With a third brake light, you won't have to belt it out ala Baby Spice. The third brake light is installed at the back of your car, above your tail light assembly. The tail lights alert the drivers behind you that you intend to make a turn, to switch lanes, and yep, to stop. The third brake light, however, is more visible and is strategically located. Like the brake lights in the tail light assembly, it lights up whenever the driver hits the brake, and it signals drivers behind you when the vehicle is slowing down stopping. But the third brake light's position quickens your fellow drivers' reaction time, thus lessening the risks of collisions. One of the best third brake light in the market is the Anzo Third Brake Light.

Aside from its illuminative features, this third brake light also adds aesthetic appeal. And why wouldn't it? It's LED (Light-emitting Diode) materials make it eye-catching. What's even more impressive is that LED lights produce quicker reaction time compared to conventional bulbs. With different LED designs, you're guaranteed that your third brake lights will emit a brighter illumination and give your vehicle a more stylish look to boot.

Like all Anzo products, the Anzo Third Brake Light is SAE- (Society of Automotive Engineers) and DOT- (Department of Transportation) compliant, meaning they're all street-legal, so you can hit the road without getting pulled over. Also, installing an Anzo Third Brake Light can be done within minutes because of its plug-and-play feature. You won't have to waste time drilling and wiring it up. What's more, there's a third brake light made specifically for various vehicle makes and models, so you're assured that there's a unit that perfectly matches your vehicle's specifications.

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