Ansa Gasket & Accessories

The Ansa gasket is a type of a mechanical seal component. It significantly fills the gap or space between two objects, particularly to stop leakage between those two objects while under compression. Employing a gasket lets you save money through allowing less precise mating surfaces generally on machine parts wherein the gasket is being utilized in order to fill in the irregularities. Commonly constructed from quality sheet materials like rubber, metal, fiberglass, silicone, paper or a plastic polymer, gaskets may also be used specifically in asbestos applications.

It is important that a gasket should be created from a material that has an excellent degree compressible to ensure it tightly fills the space where it is intended to use. An effective gasket possess some desirable properties like in industrial applications used in compressed fiber gasket materials, it should have an ability to withstand high compressive loads. Most of the gaskets contain bolts that are used in exerting compression. The truisms regarding the best performance gasket is that 'if a gasket has more compressive load exerted on the gasket, the longer it will last'. If a gasket would be able to withstand compressive loading, it is a high performance gasket. One way to prove it is through a hot compression test.

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