Ansa Axle Pipe & Accessories

The exhaust system might be considered as a kind of exhaust gas highway. Similar to vehicles running on a highway on their way to a certain destination, these gases move through a number of exhaust pipes on their way out of the vehicle. The exhaust pipes are connected to each other, providing a tunnel that guides harmful byproducts of internal combustion out of the car. The exhaust system has several types of exhaust pipes: flex pipes, connecting pipes, intermediate pipes, and axle pipes.

Axle pipes connect the exhaust to the muffler assembly. These pipes are prone to damage—especially with lowered vehicles–caused by rocks, pebbles, and other road debris which the pipes come into contact with. A single dysfunctional exhaust pipe, such as a damaged axle pipe, can compromise the entire exhaust system's process. When your original axle pipe is defective, an Ansa axle pipe replacement is highly recommended. Every Ansa axle pipe is made from state-of-the-art aluminized steel. Like other Ansa products, an Ansa axle pipe can withstand the cruelest conditions. The materials Ansa uses are resistant to harmful elements that cause premature wear and tear. And with the company's signature built-to-fit feature, easy installation as well as stability is assured.

To replace your original axle pipe, jack up both the front and the rear of your car. Make sure that this support is stable before working underneath the car. Support the car's rear with jack stands under either the frame rails or the rocker panel jack points. Let the axle droop as much as it could, then pull it towards the front of the car, and turn it sideways to get it over the rear axle. When the old axle pipe is removed, install your Ansa axle pipe. No need for further instructions—Ansa's direct-fit feature ensures hassle-free, bolt-on installation.

Ansa is a trusted manufacturer of exhaust components and accessories. And until now, they continue to manufacture state-of-the-art products. The company invests heavily on new technologies and exhaust part improvements that will further strengthen its already solid reputation. Great news is, you can purchase these exceptional exhaust parts at very affordable prices right here at Parts Train! With our easy-to-navigate ordering system, your Ansa axle pipe is just a few clicks away.