Anco Windshield Wiper Arm & Accessories

Whether you're an experienced driver or a novice, you still face the same hazards when you're trekking through bad weather. The last thing you'd want in such conditions is a blurred vision of the road. Good thing, your auto has windshield wipers to help you out. But even if you have good wiper blades on, they're useless without the wiper arms. The wiper arm plays a very crucial role in the overall function of the wiper assembly. So when this part gets damaged, you should waste no time getting a superior-quality replacement like the Anco Windshield Wiper Arm.

This windshield wiper arm connects the motor to the wiper blades. Equipped with a spring that puts tension on the whole arm, it firmly pushes the wiper blades against the windshield for a cleaner wipe. The wiper arm's hinge also allows you to mechanically or manually pull up the whole arm and replace the wiper blade. If your wipers seem to drag the wiper blades across your windshield, then the problem may be with your wiper arms. You also got a wiper arm trouble if your wiper motor is properly working, but your wipers are sweeping your windshield in their own rhythms. In these situations, replacement is necessary. Thankfully, the Anco product line has the Anco Windshield Wiper Arm.

Made from premium-grade stainless steel, only the Anco Windshield Wiper Arm has the Kwik Connect design. This features a snap-on installation system for a fast and hassle-free replacement. This windshield wiper arm is designed to fit any commercial or recreational vehicle. So whether your vehicle is made for normal street-driving conditions or off-road environments, you're assured that the Anco Windshield Wiper Arm can keep rain and snow off your windshield to clear your view of the road.

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