Anco Washer Pump & Accessories

You may have a good-looking car, but when your windshield is draped with dirt and grime, it merits to no avail. All these contaminants don't only make your car's appearance unsightly but, more importantly, can also get you in an ugly spot—with them impairing the clarity of your vision on the road. So if you want to maintain a clear and clean windshield, practically, for safer driving, make sure that your washer pump is in good working condition. Or, better yet, get yourself the Anco Washer Pump.

Located at the base of the windshield, the washer pump is responsible for spraying the washer fluid to the windshield. This washer fluid helps the wiper in its cleaning duty. When the washer pump breaks down, expect your windshield to get very dirty, which can then affect your on-road vision. You'll know that your washer pump has given up on you when no washer fluid comes out from the nozzle even if your reservoir is filled. This situation calls for an immediate replacement. And that's where you'll need the Anco Washer Pump.

Anco is an industry leader that manufactures topnotch windshield wiper blades, washer pumps, and other accessories. The company's products have been among the most acclaimed. As such, the Anco Washer Pump, which is precision-manufactured for OE fit and function, is ideal for replacing your old and busted pump. It can be used on any domestic or import car or truck so whether your vehicle is suited for the street, the drag strip, or even off-road, you're assured that this device works perfectly. It also comes complete with all the wiring and electrical connectors, tubing, and detailed installation instructions. This enables you to have it up and running hassle-free—even if it's your first time to do it.

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