Amortex Pressure Plate & Accessories

In your car's manual transmission system, one of the most important components is the pressure plate. When you step on your clutch pedal, the pressure plate pushes the clutch disc against the spinning engine flywheel. The friction between the flywheel and the clutch disc enables the delivery of the engine torque that moves your auto wheels. Clearly, the pressure plate has a crucial role that simply can't be ignored. So, you need to get an excellent replacement once it goes down. When it comes to that, anAMortex Pressure Plate is your best bet.The pressure plate fromAMortex has 50 percent more capacity than your factory pressure plate. To make sure that it stays durable and dependable for years, it's crafted from aluminum that makes it resistant to corrosion as well. Aside from being tough, this pressure plate is also equipped with metal springs, long-lasting covers, and high-strength equipment that you can't find on other parts.Just like most pressure plates, theAMortex Pressure Plate is a circular device that contains springs and levers. In order to move, it is controlled by a release fork that's connected to the shifter. So how does the pressure plate work? When you step on the clutch pedal, several springs pull the pressure plate and the clutch disc away from the flywheel. As a result, the clutch disc is prevented from rotating and you can shift into the gear that you want. Once you release the clutch pedal, the springs are released and push the clutch disc into the pressure plate again.Without a doubt, theAMortex Pressure Plate is the perfect replacement for the damaged factory pressure plate of your car. If you're interested to get this product, all you have to do is place your order here at and we'll take care of everything else.