Amortex Car Parts & Accessories

It's hard to trust just any car brand when it comes to the most crucial components of your car, like the pressure plate and clutch disc. Just one wrong piece can render your vehicle inoperable, and expensive repair fees will put a strain to your budget. It's better if you'll search the market first for a recognized brand carried by most retailers so you don't have to worry about the quality of the product you'll be getting. Amortex has it all, hands down. The company is a recognized brand, is kept in stock by most dealers, and has an impressive line of quality products.

The brand mainly manufactures pressure plates and clutch discs, two essential products that help your car propel forward. The pressure plates are integral in making the clutch disc and flywheel work by applying force. The plate pushes the disc, and the motion creates a friction between the flywheel and the clutch disc, allowing the engine to produce enough torque to move your wheels forward. Amortex has expertly researched, designed, and manufactured these components through the years, so the brand knows the right materials that would make up the most effective plates and discs.

Usually, clutch discs and pressure plates that are not engineered from tough metal can wear out easily. The clutch disc lining deteriorates with frequent use and this will cause slipping, especially if it can't grip the plate securely anymore. The same problem can happen to the pressure plate as well. Once the component gets broken or cracked, it can no longer apply pressure to the clutch disc, resulting in slipping that can affect the entire performance of your clutch assembly. You should also watch out for noises, like squealing or growling. The noises are usually tell-tale signs that something's wrong with the assembly.

But you don't have to encounter these kinds of problems with Amortex. Since the quality of the clutch disc and pressure plate is guaranteed, you'll have a problem-free ride all the way, even after thousands of mileage and years of service. Search for Amortex transmission pieces at Parts Train. You won't get the brand's products at a cheaper price than right here. Check out our catalog today.