All Sales Third Brake Light & Accessories

When it comes to safety, your car's braking system is the leader of the pack. However, there has to be a way for other drivers to know when you're about to stop. When it comes to that, you need dependable brake lights. But then again, most drivers are not able to see these crucial automotive lights because of their location. To compensate for that, a third brake light is needed. If you want a heavy-duty third brake light, go only for an All Sales Third Brake Light.Mounted on the roof line of your car's read end, the third brake light can be easily seen by other drivers when you're on the road. That said, you can be certain that you'll get all the attention when you step on the brakes and avoid possible accidents. Compared to other third brake lights out there, the housing of the light from All Sales is crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum. You can be certain that it'll stand the test of time no matter what. It can handle whatever the road throws at it without getting damaged.The All Sales Third Brake Light features a red lens that nobody can miss. It also comes with three design choices (Chevy bowtie, oval, and flames) and two finishes (brushed chrome and polished chrome) to choose from, so it's easy to customize your vehicle by just adding this light. When it comes to installation, this third brake light can be mounted in place using only simple tools. There's no need to modify anything when you're setting it up in place.Without a doubt, the All Sales Third Brake Light is the extra help that your brake light needs when you're on the road. For additional information about the part, check out our complete catalog at anytime.