All Sales Tailgate Handle & Accessories

Hauling is tough, and it's even harder if you don't have a reliable tailgate to keep your cargos secured in place. Most pickup truck owners, however, think that the tailgate simply needs to be brawny to ensure reliability and dependability. They don't know that the tailgate can also be a rugged accessory that can boost the looks of the vehicle. How? By simply adding one simple component—an All Sales Tailgate Handle.The All Sales Tailgate Handle will not only improve your tailgate's looks but also make opening and closing of the tailgate easier. With its superb-grip feature, it will never slip off your hands. Compared to other tailgate handles, this one isn't made from flimsy materials. It's crafted from heavy-duty 6061 T6 aluminum, which ensures that it'll stay brawny and muscular for years to come. For extra protection again corrosion and for a superb mirror-like finish, the handle sports either a low-maintenance polished finish or a glossy chrome finish. So even if you expose it to water, ultraviolet rays, and road debris, it will stay immaculately shiny for a very long time.Compared to other tailgate handles, the one from All Sales Manufacturing is very easy to install. It comes in two varieties: one with keyhole and another without keyhole. You won't have any trouble installing the part in place because it's designed for a precise fit and it does not require drilling or any other modification. In fact, you need just under an hour to get everything done. If you can't figure out how to mount it, you can find detailed step-by-step instructions to help you every step of the way.With the top-caliber All Sales Tailgate Handle, you'll be improving your tailgate's looks and grip. If you want this product in your tailgate, you can order it here at and our delivery team will bring it right to your doorsteps.