All Sales Hitch Cover & Accessories

If you check the aisles of your favorite auto parts store, you'll find second-tier hitch covers that don't only look awful but are overpriced as well. Well, equipping your old hitch with an unreliable hitch cover from a run-of-the-mill brand isn't the best way to protect it. If you're looking for a cover that effectively protects and dresses up your hitch, what you need is the All Sales Hitch Cover.Featuring different designs, the All Sales Hitch Cover will dress up your hitch like no other. Toughness and durability won't be an issue because the part is manufactured from heavy-duty 6061 T6 aluminum. With this premium material, your good old hitch will surely be protected from all damaging elements 24/7. Once the part is installed, you'll be giving your hitch two things: strength and style. Aside from the cover's various designs (from trucker girl to hula-honu design), it also features a mirror-like finish that you won't get anywhere else. The best part is, its luster will last for many years. Even if it has been exposed to different elements, it'll stay attractive no matter what.Compared to other hitch covers, the cover from All Sales is universal and fits into any two-inch hitch receiver, thanks to the 2-inch square 2-hole adapter that comes with it. This ensures easy installation in no time. If you're still having difficulty attaching the part, you can find a detailed step-by-step instruction guide to help you.Without a doubt, this first-class All Sales Hitch Cover is what you need to dress up and protect your hitch. To get it, simply navigate and find your needed part in our catalog. With our high-quality parts, you'll enjoy efficiency and reliability. For additional information, you can click our chat feature and talk to our agents online.