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Top-caliber headlights, fog lights, and brake lights are crucial when you're out in the streets or traversing hundred-mile highways. But then again, you need something more if you're going to challenge tough terrains such as the Rubicon, Truck Haven, Mojave, or Barrett Lake. No ordinary lights are good enough to handle the conditions on these trails. What you need are tough, bigger, and more durable off-road lights. You need an All Sales Driving Light kit.The driving light kit from All Sales features 55-watt H3 light bulbs that provide excellent illumination at night and during bad weather. Once they're installed, you'll instantly notice the greater range and focused beams that these lights can provide. They can be mounted in virtually any position, so you can place them anywhere and they'll give you the same results. For extra protection against the elements, they boast of a housing that's made from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. So whether you drive over a boulder or craterous hole, nothing can touch and damage this superb driving light from All Sales.The All Sales Driving Light kit is a universal kit that includes two lights that will surely match your car's stock lights. For easy installation, the kit comes with wiring harnesses, switch, and a 30-amp relay as well. That said, you won't have any trouble connecting it to your car's power source. The light also comes in three different designs for you to choose from: Chevy bowtie, oval, and grille style. All these will surely give your ride a great appeal.To get this topnotch All Sales Driving Light, simply browse our catalog at and find your preferred kit right away. For additional information about the part, you can always click our store's chat box and our agents will take care of everything else.