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Several shortcomings can be noted in rear view mirrors of today. One is image distortion, where the image is not reflected clearly and accurately because of light refraction. Another issue is that rear view mirrors produce some discrepancy in distance between the actual object and the reflected image on the mirror. There is also the limited coverage of mirrors, meaning there are some angles that are hidden from view. This results in blind spots, which can be a safety concern. Drivers compensate for these weaknesses by turning their head towards the rear or the side, gauging the situation only with their own eyes. Now, imagine if there is a mirror that can overcome these shortcomings and provide improvements to standard mirrors. You don't need to imagine hard, because it's actually here in the form of the AllView mirror.

The AllView mirror serves as a replacement for the rearview and side view mirrors. The AllView mirror is a rectangular mirror that provides a wider view of the rear and more coverage of the sides and peripheral vision. Another advantage of the AllView is the clarity of the image that is reflected on its mirror. It gives off a naked-eye image of the surroundings, eliminating distortion in the image and distance measurement. The image you see is as close as possible to the actual thing, so you don't have to turn your head to make your own assessment. This added reliability and accuracy of the AllView mirror results in your increased comfort and safety.

Installation and compatibility of these mirrors is not a problem. With two types to choose from, AllView mirrors are guaranteed to work with any vehicle model. There's the AMS Model 1750 that features the standard windshield mounting kit. The other is the Smart-Clip AllView mirror, which has a clip-on design that you can hook on to your current rear view mirror. Additionally, these mirrors are shatterproof and vibration-free. You can add durability to AllView's list of impressive features.

So whether you're looking to upgrade or replace your existing rear view mirrors, why not get AllView mirrors? Get them here at Parts Train and be impressed with the comfort and safety that AllView mirrors bring.