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Rearview mirrors are important safety elements of every vehicle but there some problems that need to be addressed in terms of function. The AllView Mirror is the first innovative brand that was able to give a solution to various driving problems caused by plane rearview mirrors. Since its introduction in 1989, AllView Mirror has been considered as the only safe mirror product for automobiles. Their mirrors are the choice of NASCAR drivers and other truck race teams. They eliminate blind spots, visual distortions, night glare, and other problems that can be associated to the changing conditions of the environment.

The AllView Mirror System (AMS) gets rid of blind spots caused by using a plane mirror. It is designed with a one-piece seamless mirror that allows you to see the traffic view at the back. It offers an unobstructed sight of all the lanes and the rear traffic conditions without you having to glance backwards. It gives you a sharp and unspoiled image of the vehicles behind you like you were picturing them with your naked eye. It is shatterproof and highly resistant to vibration.

AMS uses the patented AWP distortion-offset technology which gives you an accurate image of the highway lanes so you could calculate your moves correctly. It tells you if it is not dangerous to exit and join freeways, change lanes, u-turn, or maneuver on tight corners. No need to crane your neck or stress yourself with not being able to get a complete view of the road. The technology gives a précised correction of the convex mirror distortion that is common on stock rearview mirrors. The AllView Mirror System uses a quick clip installation system that is a perfect match to your existing rear view mirror.

The AMS is available in three models – the AMS Model 1750, Smart-Clip AllView Mirror, and the Racers AllView Mirror. Please visit Parts Train for a complete product description of every AllView Mirror on our website. Should you need assistance, you can contact one of our customer service representatives. Just dial the numbers that you see on our online shop. AllView Mirror is the answer to all your driving vision problems. At Parts Train, ultimate customer satisfaction is guaranteed!