Akebono Brake Pads & Accessories

When it comes to brakes, you can be sure that Akebono knows what it's all about. With its more than 75 years of experience in brake manufacture and design, Akebono has provided innovations in braking, noise, and harshness solutions. This is why several car manufacturers entrust their braking systems to Akebono. Examples are Ford, GM, Honda, and Toyota, among many others. As added proof of its seriousness, Akebono claims to be the company with the highest revenue allocation towards research and development among brake manufacturers worldwide. One embodiment of Akebono's dedication to developing quality brakes is the Akebono brake pad. Akebono brake pads offer several advantages, making it one of the best brake pads in the market today.

The main reason why Akebono brake pads stand out from the rest is its construction. Made from ceramic materials, these brake pads perform better compared to metallic, semi-metallic, and organic braking pads. Ceramic pads provide better friction, giving you better control of the vehicle. It does this all while generating minimal noise and vibration. Ceramic pads also last longer and inflict less wear on the rotor. With this, ceramic pads provide an effective solution to most braking problems. Combining efficiency, comfort and durability, ceramic pads make ideal brake pad material.

Akebono brake pads also significantly diminish the presence of brake dust on wheels. Brake dust is created when materials that are worn-off from brake materials get carbonized by the high temperature induced by braking. Since ceramic pads cool faster, brake dust formation is abated. This leaves you with a cleaner wheel despite the constant application of the brakes. Not just about stopping power, Akebono brake pads keep your wheels looking good, too.

Whether it's a replacement or an upgrade, getting Akebono brake pads is the way to go. With Akebono's attention to detail and the variety in vehicle design, every brake pad is customized to work and fit perfectly with a specific model. Whatever car you might have, there's an Akebono brake pad made just for you. Get these parts now, here at Parts Train. Order online now, or call our toll-free number to start having the best braking system through quality Akebono brake pads.