Akebono Car Parts & Accessories

In the automobile industry, reliability is the key to success. One of the brands that have been able to stand for more than 75 years in the competitive business is Akebono. Akebono is the forerunner in terms of brake design. Its success in producing high-quality and superior brake products is due to its use of advanced brake friction technology and NVH solutions. Its wide range of products includes drum brakes and disc brake calipers. It employs the Akebono Production System or APS that guarantees excellent workmanship and technique in every aspect of production.

Standard brakes are known to create noise and vibrations that can be caused by the compression of the rotors, pad movements in the caliper and friction on the disc. Akebono brakes produce less noise because of it high NVH level. There are retrofit Akebono brakes that you can mount on older high-performance vehicles. Not only do they reduce sound and vibration coming from the drums, rotors and calipers, but they also provide maximum braking ability.

When you have an Akebono brake, the next best move is to fit your car with an Akebono brake pad. It produces high friction without causing too much wear on the rotor. Actually this organic pad has very little amount of material made from abrasive metal but it can still produce outstanding stopping distances. It can withstand high heat temperature, allowing it to sustain its exceptional friction characteristics for hundreds of miles. It is almost dust free because of its ability to produce low amount of dust. These characteristics make Akebono brake pads quality investments.

Unlike other brands in the market, Akebono products are very affordable. They are also proven to be superior and durable. You can save a lot of money by buying high-quality car parts that can go for a long time. There are plenty of Akebono imitations that are making its way around. To be sure that of your Akebono products, buy them here at Parts Train. We guarantee the originality and excellence of all car parts that we sell. Don't go anywhere; Parts Train is the complete place to do your car parts shopping.