Airtex Water Pump & Accessories

Water pumps are necessary components in a vehicle's cooling system. Thus, it is only apt to provide your vehicle with nothing but the best water pump offered in the market. And this is where the Airtex water pump comes in. For over 70 years, Airtex is well-known in the automotive industry for producing topnotch fuel and cooling system components. No one can question Airtex when it comes to the reliability and durability of its auto parts.

Water pumps are important because of their role in the cooling process. Water pumps ensure the constant circulation of coolant from the radiator to the engine, and back. The coolant that absorbed heat from the engine needs to be cooled by the radiator, and is then pushed back to the engine to restart the cooling process. To maintain this cycle is essential since the coolant needs to absorb and disperse heat continuously to keep the engine from overheating.

Water pumps circulate the coolant through centrifugal force. Water pumps are composed of a shaft, pulley, and a pump rotor. The shaft is connected to the engine's crankshaft by a belt. Once the engine runs, the belt spins the water pump's shaft. The shaft then rotates the pulley and rotor, which results in the circulation of the coolant. This is how water pumps help cool the engine. As long as the engine is running, water pumps keep the coolant flowing.

Although indispensible, water pumps are not infallible. If you think your car is overheating, or if you notice leaks from your engine, it could be a broken water pump. And if you need a new water pump, replacements can be easily found here at Parts Train. The Airtex water pump is perfect for your vehicle if you're looking for a high quality and dependable water pump. Feel free to browse our online catalog and choose from the extensive selection of Airtex water pumps. Whatever your vehicle model is, you are certain to find the exact Airtex water pump for you. Restore the topnotch performance of your vehicle's cooling system by installing an Airtex water pump. Order now online or call our toll-free number for additional information.