Airtex Fuel Screen & Accessories

Are you really familiar with all those components found in your vehicle? If so, do you exactly know how essential the fuel screen is? Well in case you do not know, this fuel screen actually contributes to fuel efficiency. Usually the stock fuel screen that is used in your vehicle allows more fuel to use. Nowadays, the idea of saving more is really important. With a quality fuel screen, more energy is saved. So it is really cost effective. Airtex fuel screen significantly fits in all vehicle models, which go up into the fuel tank outlet.

In between the fuel pipe and the fuel screen, you will find a gasket. This arrangement is essential in providing a trouble-free service in carburetor or in fuel injected applications. This fuel screen is also functional with turbocharged, supercharged, or even in a natural aspirated engine system. With such, the fuel pump can deliver high volumes of fuel without restrictions. It is actually found inside the tank and works like a pre-filtering device, keeping larger particles of dirt and rust away from the fuel tank. Once this fuel screen becomes dirty, it may result to choking off of the fuel flow to the carburetors.

Clogged fuel screen also results to fuel starvation. So the best way to deal with this trouble is to immediately clean it. But it would be best to replace it with a new one to avoid further damage. But take note, that upon removal of fuel screen, you need first to remove the fuel tank. Replacing this troubled fuel screen is really a good idea. And if it bothers you where to find exactly the Airtex fuel screen, do not worry because Parts Train is just here for you. We offer a wide array of car products that can definitely answer your replacement needs. Browse our catalog and find the Airtex fuel screen that would fit best to your car.