Airtex Fuel Pump & Accessories

Not yet used fuel for vehicle operation is stored in the fuel tank. During a gas refill, it is actually through the filter tube straight to the fuel tank where the gas actually travels. The fuel needs to be pumped by the fuel pump from the fuel tank to the engine for combustion and transported under high pressure to the fuel injection system or to the carburetor under low pressure. In the automotive world, there are two types of fuel pump. They are the mechanical fuel pump and the electric fuel pump. These two differ in the sense that the former is used in carbureted cars while the latter is used in electronic fuel injection vehicles.

In a carburetor fuel delivery, a simple principle of vacuum is used in order to deliver the fuel to the engine. The vacuum is the one that draws the air-fuel mixture into the engine as well as the fuel along the lines toward the engine. Additional assistance is necessary in this operation that's why the mechanical fuel pump is employed. This runs off of the engine's rotation hence it is found alongside the engine. Vehicles with electronic fuel injection on the other hand use a computer that controls the system. This type of fuel delivery system squirts a fine mist of fuel into the engine's combustion chambers. The computer also takes the full responsibility to monitor a number of areas such as the position of the throttle, the contents of the exhaust and the air ratio.

The fuel pumps must be located at the source or next to the fuel tank itself to draw the fuel along the lines since there is no employment of a pre-existing force like the vacuum. Your car's fuel pump will eventually wear out so replacement should be considered. Parts Train is happy to have a complete line of products made from Airtex and one of them is the Airtex fuel pump. It will be nice if you browse through our extensive online catalog. Doping so will allow you to see what we got for you.