Airaid Throttle Body Spacer & Accessories

The Airaid throttle body spacer offers a cost-effective aftermarket adjustment for fast horsepower gains. This allows a higher air intake velocity by increasing the distance between the stock throttle body and the intake manifold. An increase in air flow implies more horsepower gains, torque as well as gas efficiency. You get more savings despite the dramatically fuel prices when gas efficiency improves. There may be a lot of options is the market these days, but choosing Airaid as your throttle body spacer brand is definitely a good choice.

For years now, this has been proven to be effective in eliminating unwanted noise while still allowing airflow to smooth out and speed up. And as a net effect, expect an optimized air-fuel mixture that gives you more gains in the mid-range power band and at the same time improves fuel economy. Believe it – the possibility to convert your engine's incoming air supply into a power-packed vortex is right on your way with this awesome throttle body spacer. No doubt, it's absolutely among the coolest ways to improve air fuel ratio to a punch of power and boost your gas mileage. When the computer detects the increase of oxygen available, the air-fuel ratio is adjusted. It is more advantageous to have enough burn as this implies lesser amount of harmful emissions escaping into the atmosphere.

Moreover it is a useful way to keep the health and life of the parts used for measuring and controlling the emissions such as the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor and many other parts. Don't you think it's high time to put a twist on air intake to enjoy more power, torque and fuel economy spinning to higher level of performance? Parts Train suggests to get the Airaid throttle body spacer that is custom made to be bolted in a few minutes. Grab it only from us if you want the best deal possible.