Airaid Intake Bracket & Accessories

The throttle body spacer is one of the most important devices found in your vehicle. It yields greater amount of fuel to get burned. This device also causes the incoming air to get tumbled for an improved atomization of mixture in the combustion chamber. So the result is an increase in power and torque as well as improving the throttle response while using little amount of fuel. The throttle body spacer is really a great advantage; however, this throttle body spacer still needs an accompanying device to provide a more efficient function. And this is the intake bracket. The Airaid intake bracket is designed to perfectly fit on your throttle body spacer.

Your vehicle's air intake system used in an internal combustion engine is actually composed of an intake manifold, a vibration absorbing member, stub manifold, and the intake bracket. The stub manifold is located between the intake manifold and the cylinder block which task is to communicate with the intake manifold. Found between the stub manifold and the intake manifold is the vibration absorbing member. The other end of this bracket is connected to the stub manifold via the first mounting member, whereas the other end is attached to the intake manifold via the second mounting member. The intake bracket contributes to the system's overall function.

To make the throttle body spacer more effective, using this intake bracket is really a must. As you can see, the throttle body spacer can provide your vehicle an exceptional function, so never disregard installing this Airaid intake bracket. Besides, this bracket comes in the most affordable price, and installing it could only take some few minutes. So order this product now, call our hotline or simply browse our catalog to get answers for your concerns. Parts Train got you covered!