Airaid Cold Air Intake Tube & Accessories

Designed to bring down the temperature of air that goes into the car in order to enhance power, a cold air intake is also intended to improve the look of the car by altering the look of the car's engine bay and by producing an attractive intake noise. Cold air intakes are actually aftermarket parts that come in various colors and sizes and are the cheapest products used to boost a car's performance. But do you know that the efficiency of this cold air intake actually rely on the cold air intake tube? The cold air intake tube like the Airaid cold air intake tube is the component that is being used by the air to flow.

Airaid has developed a legacy of using a dyno-proven means and techniques during the manufacture of their products. And among their finest product is the Airaid cold air intake tube. This tube could provides about 400 cubic feet per minute of air flow through the engine. Its design also considers supplementing a thorough and better result. This tube is made from a high density polyethylene finish that is smooth not only to the exterior but most importantly to its interior. Installation is also very easy for it already comes with the bolts and the clamps that are needed during the installation procedure.

When it comes to quality and performance boosting up your vehicle's performance, you can definitely rely on Airaid cold air intake products. We guarantee you to have an improved air flow as soon as you installed it. Drastic increase in horsepower as well as torque, plus, the vehicle's acceleration is also improved. So take advantage of it, get this Airaid cold air intake tube from your most trusted online auto parts provider – Parts Train.