Airaid Air Intake Kit & Accessories

The efficiency of the engine system actually depends on the balance air and fuel mixture. If the intake tube design has multiple bends and turns, definitely there is a drop in volume of air drawn inside the engine system. As a result, this air that is delivered is confined, so its temperature is higher. Warm air actually causes a rich combustion which means that there is lesser power produced. In order to deal with these difficulties, the design of the air intake should have an intake tube that has larger diameter and fewer bends. Hence, greater volume of air could flow providing the combustion chamber with a sufficient amount of air to burn the fuel. Power is then produced more efficiently.

However, there are still more that must be considered, and it is not only the diameter of the intake tube but rather the entire air intake components such as air box, air filter, and the intake duct. All these must be designed to work in the highest level of performance just like what the Airaid air intake kit is known for. The Airaid air intake kit will completely replace the factory airflow assembly which includes the air filter, air box and air path. So what are you waiting for? Go get your air intake kit now and wake the sleeping giant in your driving machine.

This kit also includes clamps and bands used during installation. So everything that you need in increasing your vehicle's horsepower is all there. With this high-performance air intake kit, expect an improved in your vehicle's performance right away. For more details and product information, check out Parts Train catalog. You won't find it hard to locate your needed auto part because our catalog is very easy to navigate.