Airaid Car Parts & Accessories

No matter what type of car you drive, you are sure to look for more horsepower and better engine performance. You can achieve this by buying Airaid replacements for your vehicle. Airaid produces parts for intake systems, throttle body spacers, replacement air filters, modular intake tubes, and pre-filters for all types of automobiles. They are all manufactured from the newest dyno-proven methods and high-tech engineering that offers more engine power and protection of other vital components under the hood.

The Airaid intake system has one purpose in mind – to obtain higher horsepower. It is composed of an intake duct, air filter, and tuned airbox. The air filter is connected to either a powder coated mandrel bent intake duct or an injection molded replacement airbox. The choice on what type to use depends on the application. The intake ducts are powder coated for a reason, and that is to have an even air flow. You can add a maximum of 18 horsepower to your vehicle's engine performance. The intake system kit comes complete with clamps and bands for easy installation.

Now that you know of the Airaid intake system, it is better to take a close look at one of its important part- the Airaid air filter. It is composed of a multiple layer of cotton gauze that is fitted in between mesh that is made from stainless steel. This tightly woven cotton layers allow a greater surface area for air flow while filterings tiny dirt particles. Even as the dirt starts to accumulate, air passage is never compromised.

Another great product is the Airaid throttle body spacer. It creates combustion chamber swirl inside the engine, which accounts for maximum fuel burning at full charge. It has a machined helix that has ridges responsible for generating high velocity swirls. The swirling air is sucked inside the cylinder's combustion chambers. The movement continues until the addition of fuel and ignition of sparks, which helps in the full combustion. A combination of all these Airaid parts is sure to boost the power and performance of your car. Parts Train has genuine Airaid products that are selling at very low prices. Check them on our web site now!