Air Products AC Conversion Kit & Accessories

Air conditioners take a lot of beating during the summer. They're constantly used because there's no way you'll survive the heat without a reliable air conditioning system installed in your ride. But, years of overuse will ultimately take toll on your stocker. Good thing, there's really no need to replace your aging A/C system. All you need to restore and even improve your stock A/C is use a top-caliber Air Products A/C Conversion Kit.The A/C conversion kit contains everything you need to refurbish your tired and worn air conditioning system. Most kits are designed to convert a conventional R-12 system to the newer R-134A system for improved performance. Some kits contain two 15-oz cans of ozone-friendly refrigerant that's more than enough to recharge most passenger cars and even light trucks. Other kits even come with port adapters that you can use to connect your A/C hoses. On top of everything, these kits also include vents, water valves, belt and belt pumps, pulleys, wirings, and even fittings. For effortless installation, you can find detailed, step-by-step instructions that you can use to do the conversion on your own.With the Air Products A/C Conversion Kit, you'll be saving tons of cash while improving your air conditioner's performance by leaps and bounds. By not having to buy your needed A/C components one by one, you won't need emergency trips to your local auto parts stores and you can be sure that all the parts included in the kit will be compatible and work well with one another.For more information about this top-caliber Air Products A/C Conversion Kit, all you need to do is contact our customer service representatives at Unlike other stores, we're always available even during holidays. So, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance when you're shopping.