Advics Car Parts & Accessories

The braking system is probably one of the most mysterious assemblies that you have in your vehicle. Extending from the feet area in your ride (the pedal) to each wheel, the brakes are capable of putting your vehicle (be it a compact sedan or a gigantic truck) to a halt with just a press of the pedal. Now ain't that a wonder? All that, thanks to the innovative minds of people working to continuously innovate and make braking easier. One of these is Advics.

A giant in the automotive braking industry, the company is backed with more than a decade of experience in brake technology. Its story is one that reflects the rise of a small and humble company to become one of the industry leaders at present. Advics started with just a handful of employees; now it has several hundreds working behind the scene to create parts that set the standard in the auto braking market. It started manufacturing brake parts for just a few vehicles; now it offers braking components for a wide range of automobile makes and models. It even has several headquarters around the world, bringing its business to a global level. What hasn't changed is the fact that since then until now, the company is still focused on the manufacture of brake parts. And, its parts are continuously improving.

Advics manufactures basic braking parts as well as innovative parts for the anti lock brakes. It operates on two basic principles in its manufacture of parts: safety and comfort. All of its parts are designed for a more efficient and a more comfortable stop. They undergo efficient system design, as well as a complete evaluation and testing before they are offered in the market. Some of the processes used in the development of the different parts offered by the brand are simulation, vibration tests, and x-ray analyses. All these ensure part efficiency in whatever driving condition.

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