Adler Wheel Cylinder & Accessories

No matter how sleek your car looks, if you can't stop it from moving, it's practically worthless. That's the reason your ride is equipped with two braking components: the disc brake on the front and the drum brake at the rear. If the front brake fails, you still have the rear to keep you covered. Now, to ensure that these two parts won't fail you, make sure you pair them up with an Adler wheel cylinder.The Adler wheel cylinder is designed specifically to replace the factory-installed version found in your drum brake. This device is attached to the brake pedal and comes with two pistons on each side. Both pistons are sealed with rubber and equipped with shafts that connect them to the brake shoes. So, whenever you step on the brake pedal, the force that's exerted is converted into hydraulic pressure. This causes the pistons to be pushed to the shoes, causing them to come into contact with the drum. Once this occurs, friction is developed, which eventually stops the wheels from spinning.To maintain top performance of the wheel cylinder, you should regularly check it for leaks. Once you see signs of damage, you should get a replacement unit as soon as possible. Failure to do so will affect the performance of your brakes. And when that happens, you'll find it next to impossible to stop your vehicle from moving. So, to prevent anything like this from happening, make sure that your faulty wheel cylinder is replaced with a brand new Adler wheel cylinder.This product is available here at! To access our catalog, just key-in your car's make, model, and year in our user-friendly interface. Our servers will take you to a compatible list of wheel cylinders for your vehicle. Our store offers low prices, fast delivery, and big discounts.