Adler Clutch Master Cylinder & Accessories

Anyone who is learning how to drive won't be able to finish the entire lesson without learning to shift gears. Though it may seem easy, shifting gears involves the movement of the different clutch components. One important part of the clutch is the clutch master cylinder, the component that transfers the clutch pedal pressure to the releasing clutch to make shifting and changing gears easy. Though most clutch master cylinders are sturdy enough to last a couple of years, they'll eventually wear out. In case your stocker goes down, it pays to have a reliable replacement—the Adler Clutch Master Cylinder.Once installed, this clutch master cylinder will immediately improve clutch response by leaps and bounds. You will be able to shift gears faster and more efficiently. Compared to your stock cylinder, this component uses a significantly larger bore. Because of that, your engine's RPM is managed more effectively. This product transfers pressure from the clutch pedal to the slave cylinder to successfully disengage the clutch from the flywheel. Without a doubt, this Adler Clutch Master Cylinder is what you need if you want your manual transmission vehicle to perform at its best.This clutch master cylinder from Adler is crafted from heavy-duty cast aluminum. Because of that, you can be certain that it will stay durable and dependable for years to come. And since it's engineered from aluminum materials, there's no way it can get corroded by the clutch system's hydraulic fluid.If your stock clutch master cylinder is simply a shell of its former self, then it's time to get the replacement Adler Clutch Master Cylinder. All you need to do is browse our catalog at and you can get this product right away. Being a direct OE replacement, it guarantees a hundred percent compatibility with your stock clutch parts.