Adler Brake Booster Check Valve & Accessories

Each time you step on your brake pedal, several mechanisms are triggered to ensure that you stop on a dime without any problem. Aside from the brake disc and pads, the brake booster plays a crucial role in providing your needed stopping power. For it to function properly, however, your factory brake booster needs to be free from air. To do that, a check valve is used. Unfortunately, your factory check valve has a limited service life. If you want a replacement that would last, try an Adler Brake Booster Check Valve.Crafted from heavy-duty billet aluminum, this brake booster check valve is built to last for years. It also sports a slick polished finish, so you can dress up your brake booster and vacuum reservoir with ease. This polished finish also protects the part from corrosion. Because of that, it'll last longer than factory and commercial check valves. When it comes to installation, you won't have any trouble putting it in place because it is designed as a direct OE replacement.Once installed, the Adler Brake Booster Check Valve will efficiently suck air out of your brake booster. Even if you turn off your engine or if there are leaks in the vacuum hose, air will never reach your brake booster at all. Because there's no air in your brake booster, enough vacuum is generated. So, it's easier for you to stop your ride because the brake booster is able to multiply your foot's pressure several times.With the top-caliber Adler Brake Booster Check Valve, there's no way your brake booster will ever fail again. To get it, all you need to do is click on our catalog here at If you need other Adler parts, we have a complete selection of high-quality products to meet your needs.