Adler Brake Booster & Accessories

Ever wondered how the slightest push of the brake pedal is able to stop your ride? Well, the answer is an amazing braking component called the brake booster. Once you step on your brake pedal, it pushes the brake master cylinder and stops your ride. Over time, however, your factory brake booster will get damaged. One symptom of a broken brake booster is noticeably less pressure each time you step on the brake pedal. Although you can still have it repaired, it's better to have it replaced. And when it comes to a replacement, the Adler Brake Booster is second to none.Manufactured from high-quality materials and sporting a slick finish, the Adler Brake Booster is the ultimate replacement to your damaged stocker. Since it's crafted from heavy-duty materials, it's guaranteed to give you both durability and dependability. Its finish also prevents possibilities of corrosion and damage. Once this booster is installed, you won't have any trouble stopping your ride. To top everything off, it's engineered as an OE replacement, so you won't have any trouble installing it.This brake booster will increase your pedal power by harnessing vacuum from the engine using a vacuum hose. This hose is attached to the intake manifold and leads to the brake booster. Engine vacuum increases the pressure applied to the pedal, multiplying the force applied by your foot.If you're tired of dealing with your old and unreliable brake booster, it's time to get the Adler Brake Booster. Since it's available here at, there's no need for you to scour the internet to get it. Simply check the offered parts here at our store and we'll take care of everything else. All you need to ensure efficient booster performance at all times is to regularly check for leaks that may reduce the booster's efficiency.