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What do the brakes and the clutch in your car have in common? Well for one, they are both operated by pedals that are located side by side in the feet area of your vehicle. Depressing these pedals would mean activating the brakes and the clutch. Another similarity between the two, and this similarity is the main secret behind the operating efficiency of the two mentioned assemblies, is their hydraulic system. Both parts work because of fluid pressure, and this pressure determines the success of the operation of the said systems. Adler, one of the top players in the automotive market, specializes in this specific assembly-the hydraulic system.

This company specializes in the manufacture of master and slave cylinders for both the brakes and the clutch. It also offers wheel cylinders for the drum brakes. These components serve as containers of the fluid used to actuate the braking process (move the calipers and clamp them into the rotors) and the application of the clutch (engage or disengage the clutch from the engine). These Adler parts are designed from materials that are durable and using processes that are reliable. So, you can guarantee that they will perform well without encountering the common problems that most cylinders have to deal with.

That problem is leak, and that's one of the common causes of brake and clutch failure. In your vehicle, one indication of a leak would be a soft pedal feel. If you step on the pedal and you notice that it doesn't have the usual firmness that it used to have, or if you have to floor it down before the clutch or brake responds, then do an inspection because you might have a leak somewhere. Failure to fix the problem could be dangerous. In case a replacement is needed, a cylinder from Adler will never fail you.

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