Actron Timing Light & Accessories

Timing is everything, even for your automobile. For it to function at its best, its ignition system must be perfectly timed. That way, the firing of your engine's sparkplugs will be precise, enabling it to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. So if you want to enjoy perfect timing but hate the idea of toying with your engine's parts, consider investing in an Actron timing light!The Actron timing light is designed to make it easy for you to properly set your vehicle's timing. It comes in two types: there's the simple, single touch-faced inductive version and the digital version. Each one is made for all vehicle makes and models enabling you to use either one for your ride. They're also crafted to be heat-resistant, allowing them to have a longer lifespan. And as an added touch, these timing lights are equipped with state-of-the-art Xenon flash capabilities.So how do you know which type fits your needs? Well, here's a general overview of what each type can do for you. The single-buttoned timing light is used for standard base timings and comes with simple on-and-off touch control button. The digital version on the other hand, is used for complex timings and is bundled with a microprocessor-controlled circuitry and LED display. But regardless of what version you decide to use, these two timing lights are guaranteed to enhance your ride's timing and its overall performance.To get the Actron timing light you need, simply pick one from our catalog here at We have both versions available, complete with the manufacturer's limited 1 year warranty. If you choose to post an order now, we take care of shipping the item directly to your billing address. Get one today so you'll be able to give your engine the perfect timing it deserves!