Actron Infrared Thermometer & Accessories

Remember your mom stuffing a cold thermometer in your mouth whenever you had a fever as a kid? Well, you're not the only one who gets to experience this. Your automobile can experience this type of treatment as well. And just like the thermometer you use, the device used by your ride detects heat build-up, particularly the ones coming from it working parts. So if you're looking for a quality thermometer for your vehicle that can do all this, make sure you get an Actron infrared thermometer.The Actron infrared thermometer is a pocket-sized thermometer which you can use to check the temperature inside your engine bay, cabin, and even under your vehicle. It can cover -27 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit in an instant. The device also has a long battery life giving you up to 30 hours of continuous usage. So if you need to inspect your hot and hazardous exhaust, electronics, cylinder head, catalytic converters, or heating and cooling systems, all you need to do is to simply point this compact infrared thermometer and you're done.Aside from ease of use, this product is also designed to be durable and have a long lifespan. It comes in a lightweight body, making it easy for you to carry around. It also has a soft button making the product easy to activate. Finally, a LCD screen completes its look, enabling you to see and read the data more clearly. Thanks to these features, you're able to get the data you need in a flash.So if you'd like to get quick results and readings from your hard to reach, heat-hazard auto parts, be sure you have an Actron infrared thermometer. We have the product right here at so you won't need to go very far. Our products are directly sourced from the manufacturer's warehouse so you're assured of getting only the best for your ride.