Aceomatic Selector Shaft Seal & Accessories

Automatic vehicles may have dropped the clutch pedal and gear shifting selector but it still has a selector shaft that aids proper shifting. This shaft is permanently lubed to ensure that it will withstand the pressures of extreme driving conditions. That way, you don't have to clean it all the time. This is made possible with the use of a durable shaft seal. However, even if it's built tough, frequent use can reduce its quality, leading to leaks and seepage of unwanted particles. So if you're looking for that perfect replacement, make sure you choose an Aceomatic selector shaft seal.The Aceomatic selector shaft seal is manufactured based on the original specifications of today's automatic transmission. It's crafted using advanced technologies like computerized imaging to capture the original shaft seal's specifications. Each product also undergoes stringent testing to give the resistance needed against impacts and thermal conditions.Aside from being built tough, this product is easy to install. First, you have to remove the transmission pan. This device is bolted right under the transmission assembly which can be accessed under the vehicle. Since this part holds the transmission's fluid, it is best to free it of its contents first. This can be done by using its drain plug or by simply taking the pan off carefully so as not to spoil the fluid. Next, remove the selector shaft and tap the old seal. Fix the new part in place after cleaning the affected area.Remember, it pays to get the right parts for the right auto make and model. And you can find your vehicle's match here at Our comprehensive list has an array of branded aftermarket fastening accessory, including the Aceomatic selector shaft seal. Just place an order and give us your accurate shipping information..We'll have it shipped to your door steps in no time.