Aceomatic Input Shaft Seal & Accessories

Automotive components that deal with hydraulic elements and require lubrication are usually equipped with protective seals. One example is the steering gear input shaft. Its seal is positioned inside the cap cover, along with the washer and an o-ring. However, frequent use and exposure to elements may cause it to dbreak down. So once signs of deterioration start to manifest, have an Aceomatic input shaft seal placed over the old factory-released accessory. Coming from a reputed aftermarket manufacturer, it is expected to perform well and last long.The Aceomatic input shaft seal is a high pressure type of automotive sealing device. It's manufactured from quality materials and designed with a gold spring that marks its position in the bearing cap cover. During installation, this part must be placed facing the cover's bottom where the thrust bearing is placed. To ensure that the product stays in place, a socket or seal driver must be used to tap it home. If that is not possible, a vise or press may also be used. Doing this keeps the seal secure at all times.While setting up the product, it's important to keep the new input shaft seal from being distorted. Once that happens, it won't be able to provide the protection it's known for. If this happens, you will need another replacement so be very careful. Replacing the seal also serves as the perfect time to have your vehicle's salt seals and o-ring replaced. Use the same tools in prying the old ones and in pressing in the new accessories home.Remember, for all your needed replacement seals, make sure you check out our catalog here at We have all the parts you need, including an Aceomatic input shaft seal for your ride. Just give us your billing address and we'll have the part delivered right at your doorstep!