Aceomatic Automatic Transmission Pump Seal & Accessories

The transmission of an automatic vehicle is one of the most complex systems around. It's comprised of sensitive working parts that ensure effective performance. However, since these parts move around, their metallic surface tends to generate heat that poses severe damage. To avoid this possibility, a cooling system is also equipped in the system. It makes use of a pump that actuates the circulation of the transmission fluid to cool and lubricate these parts. And to keep it protected, a seal is needed to optimize its function. And the product that can do a good job at it is the Aceomatic automatic transmission pump seal.The Aceomatic automatic transmission pump seals the gaps that may cause hydraulic fluid to leak out. It's designed based on the original specification of the assembly so you can expect the part to fit perfectly during set up. It's made from high-grade rubber materials to ensure that it lasts long despite being used on a regular basis. The materials also give the product the resistance it needs to withstand exposure to harsh elements.Since the component is positioned after the transmission, installing it will entail the removal of the assembly. So if you're in the process of replacing the seal, make it a point to have the bushing replaced as well. First, remove the console and its liner to access the assembly. There, you will find the old pump seal. Remove it along with the bushing. Clean that area before fixing the Aceomatic automatic transmission pump seal in place.To get on with your transmission upgrading project, check our comprehensive list for your vehicle's exact match here at We carry an array of automotive parts for every make and model so you'll be able to get one that's perfect for your ride. Place your order now and we'll take care of shipping the product right at your doorstep.