Aceomatic Automatic Transmission Filter & Accessories

If the valvetrain working parts are cooled with motor oil, your automatic transmission is also refreshed with an equivalent hydraulic fluid. Just like the motor oil is sifted from unwanted metal shavings and elements, the same is done to this transmission oil. A performance type is needed for this function, which can be realized by Aceomatic automatic transmission filter. This is a high-flow filter made especially to secure automatic transmissions from unwanted particles.Aceomatic automatic transmission filter is a practical replacement to standard sifters equipped in automatic vehicles. It can be cleaned once it appears already clogged with metal shavings or particulates that are flown along in the cooling process. The high-flow filter can be washed with soap and water or reoiled. If washed, it needs to be dried before putting it back in place so water will not mix with the automatic transmission fluid or ATF. This will dilute and lean the fluid.Installing the Aceomatic automatic transmission filter in place of the old, clogged sifter is made easy with the manufacturer's instructional manual. If doing this along with an ATF change, you need to raise your vehicle in a safe height. Or, you can also work under if there is enough space left for you to work on conveniently. This task will have you take the pan first from its place before accessing the filter. There is a retaining clip or bolt that secures the filter. Take them off, clean the affected areas, and replace the o-ring.Your new Aceomatic automatic transmission filter must come from us here at to ensure it is authentic. We will also ship it to your nominated address in less the time and effort. So if you are in urgent need and have no time to personally pick the item up, we will be very glad to serve you.