Accu Form Car Parts & Accessories

Is your car starting to reveal its age? It may still look fine and drivable overall, but a few cracks here, or some tearing there, or a faded area somewhere in your vehicle are all it takes to give away the real age of your car. And while there's facelift for men and women, or some other cosmetic and surgical procedures available to people for the sake of beauty and looking younger, there ain't no such thing for cars. Fortunately, there are car add-on manufacturers like Accu Form. And no, they won't do something like surgery in your car to make it look brand new-the secret is by covering up the flaws.

Accu Form is especially focused on the manufacture of dash caps, those simple add-ons that you mount as a dash cover to hide whatever damage your dashboard has. Being on the front of your car interior and being the area that houses most of the dials, knobs, and gauges that you use during your daily drives to control different systems in your vehicle and keep track of your progress, the dash often suffers from daily use and abuse. And of course, because it's right by the windshield, it's directly exposed to sunlight when you drive under the heat of the sun. Over time, all these things can take their toll on the dashboard, and the said part can look all worn out.

Fortunately, all it takes is a single dash cap from Accu Form to restore your windshield in top shape. This is a cheaper option rather than doing a dashboard overhaul. You also have a lot of choices because dash caps these days can already come in different colors, although black remains foremost in style and customization. These add-ons are also very durable, and they're very easy to mount in place. The brand has ensured that you can do the installation of these add-ons without spending extra on mechanic fee.

So, if you've been itching to give your dash a make-over and to make your car look younger overall, a dash cap from Accu Form is the first way to go. And when it comes to a wide range of dash caps, our catalog here at Parts Train is the first selection to check.